11/03-2008 Monks update

Det sker bare ik' at jeg blir ved med at samle de styggeste bøder!
Opdateret regnskab under Monks


02/01-2008 Happy New Year

I can see from the stats that the web page has a lot of visitors - must be because of the intense update frequency for the content on the page :)

So here is a Happy New Year to all of you.

The 2008 Coupon for the new years events is already online. PDF is here.
The Coupon will be updated as the events occur.

As agreed - The prize for most correct predictions is a night out on the expense (All expenses!) of the 4 others.


18/11-2007 Delayed update

Scoreboard from poker game on October 12th is now finally online. I would have done it earlier, but I have been busy moving TV-sets around on Gib.

Whist table and Monks debts are now also updated. I have been properly fined for the delay.


30/07-2007 Hung over Poker

New poker scoreboard & history graph is uploaded.
Check the poker section.


23/05-2007 Drowned by the river... or was it the rain

New poker scoreboard & history graph is uploaded.
Check the poker section.


18/02-2007 Poker section updated

I have removed the old scoreboard and replaced it with PDF documents of the last games plus a PDF with a graph of the scores. Basically the documents I emailed around before is now available here.
Check Poker section for the update.


04/01-2007 Monks score updated again!

Not much is going on here besides updating that scoreboard.

Anyway - Fines were handed out. We all know the rules, so nobody can be surprised with the amounts deducted.

Saxild 2006 Gallery will be created as soon as I have those photos. Maybe this should be subject to fines next time.


27/09-2006 Monks score updated!

Finances are updated - Comments to the fines handed out are welcome!

Pictures will follow when I have received yours - So get those pictures forwarded!


19/08-2006 Monks & poker update

2 major updates - 2 conclusions:
First: I Think will get that weekend well financed!
Second: Jakob is back two enjoy the view from the top of the score-board. Although he's sharing it with the true champion.
Enjoy it while you can!

And my guestbook is removed - it was flooded with spam and ad's for viagra - How do they know I need that anyway? I might be surfing the wrong web-pages?



The last game was barely finished before the update was here.
Poker section for the updated score - beware! Ink is still wet.
By the way - The next game will be no. 50!! Think about ways to celebrate this. I'm thinking Whisky!

02/05-2006 More whizzkye, please...!

Check the poker section for the updated score.
Amazing what huge amounts of whisky does to your game! Right, Magnus?


24/04-2006 Poker!

Check the poker section for the updated score.
Guys - This update only took a week. That is alright considering I've been mourning over the loss of "You-know-what"-Ann.
But then again it saves us 50% of the tab.

26/03-2006 And another poker update!

Check the poker section for the updated score.
First time for such a quick update after a losing night for me.


19/03-2006 Poker update!

Check the poker section for the updated score.



Guys - what a pleasant afternoon in the Lounge.
Check the poker section for the updated score.

The update came actually more than 12 hours after the last game. I know it is to slow.



Probably the slowest poker update ever. Editor is not to blame though.
Anyway - Let us throw a vote whether the last games, should be included on the scoreboard - I mean not exactly fair play to steal money from the two pissed guys late Saturday evening.
But you would probably also steal candy from kids!

Check the unfairness out here in the poker section

20/02-2006 Farmors 90 års fødselsdag / Grandmas 90th birthday

Så har jeg endeligt fået lagt billederne fra farmors fødselsdag på siden.
Det var rigtigt hyggeligt at se jer allesammen igen.
Klik på linket her for at gå direkte til billederne fra festen.

Jeg har reduceret kvaliteten af billederne lidt for at siden kan loade hurtigere. Derfor har jeg også samlet billederne i 2 filer i den fulde opløsning. De filer kan hentes herunder:

 Fil 1 (5 Billeder)

 Fil 2 (Billeder inkl. gruppe billeder)

In English:
I have uploaded some of the photos from my grandmothers 90th birthday.
Follow the links above.
Top link is for the album on this homepage, and the 2 bottom link are for zip-files with the photos in a high resolution.



Another update of the poker section with the 2 latest games of the outstanding pub of The Horseshoe.
What cheese-burgers they served there.
They had literally both meat and ....cheese.

Anyway next game is for sure gonna be at The College Inn. Seems like the facilities there would suit us better.



Updated poker section with the latest games.
Awful night at Jakob's - but loved the pizza though.

And after such short time, I've already uploaded the Whist-score in the MONKS section.

Uploaded a guestbook. So drop me a line!

Added some links as well.


22/12-2005 @ Denmark

I'm leaving for Denmark today - Staying until January 3rd.
Hope to meet up with as many of you guys as possible.
Merry X-mas!

18/11-2005 Links...

Added a few new links to some personal homepages
Happy surfing.


07/11-2005 Poker update

Poker table updated. No further comments..... <stupid game!>


06/11-2005 Photo update

Added loads of photos to my album.
 - From my 25th birthday. Thanks for a brilliant night guys
 - From my parents' visit
 - From Michelle's and my trip to Asilah
 - From a short trip to Sevilla (and IKEA with their Swedish kjottbullar)


31/10-2005 Poker update

Finally an update in the poker section - After a pleasant night at the table, right guys?

And quote section updated.

10/10-2005 Updated links section

Added a few links


02/10-2005 Photo update

New photos from our latest visit to Sevilla. Nice weekend at a nice central hotel there. Nice flamenco-show in the evening.

And a few pictures from Selwo Marina Park


25/09-2005 Poker Section updated

Updated score-board and added a discussion-board


25/09-2005 Photo update

New photos from my last visit to Rhonda
and from the Monks' 2005 trip to Saxild



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